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  • Ronald Fahrenholz

S.O.S.- I am Drowning

Updated: Sep 26, 2018


I view myself as the sinful man in a small boat trying to make a journey on an "ocean" of sin! I realize that I cannot handle the forces of nature of this world by myself! I cannot stay afloat with the waves of prejudice, hatred, racism, and inequity! I can easily be capsized by the winds of attitudes, gossip, egos, and persecution. I feel defeated and deflated by overwhelming anxiety and the stress of employment, parenting, relationships, doubting my faith, and financial strongholds. What makes things even worst is that as I am fighting these forces; I am stalked continuously by hungry sharks and other dangerous sea creatures that try consume me daily with fear- lust, greed, selfishness, pride, and anger- diligently working to drag me down further into the depths, drowning me in my own sin.

I pray the Lord Almighty will throw the "life vest of salvation" in my direction and that I am able to catch it. I cry for mercy as well as Thanksgiving as He reaches to grab and "save" me from myself. Now, I am rescued by the Lighthouse of Hope and guided to the safety of the shores, I pray every night and day with an unsatisfying hunger for the Holy Spirit. I vow to have full unconditional obedience so I can continue my journey-fully anchored in God and never to drift again.

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