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Opening Our Gifts

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Identify and Use Your Spiritual Gifts

Isn't Christmas Fun? It is the time of the year where we give and receive presents. We love getting gifts no matter what it is or what it cost. We are overjoyed just to receive it because it was given as as a labor of love. However, most of the gifts end up not being used and collect dust throughout the years.

What if there is a gift that was given to you at birth? A special gift that we received and was meant to be used every day of our life. The gift cost nothing but yet more valuable than anything we have ever received. A gift given specifically to us as each is perfectly and wonderfully made. Each of us were given these gifts but most of us don't use them. We don't use them because we have not yet open them and discover their hidden treasures. These gifts were not meant to kept to ourselves; they were meant to be shared with others in order to build up the Body of Christ.

Have you ever wondered why most people are not enjoying their lives? I believe this is because we are choosing to live life our way instead of the life that God intended for us to live. I believe there are two ways that we can change the way we are currently living and start living our God-filled purpose in our lives.

We can re-write our lives. We can surrender to God and just re-write our stories. If we are anchored in God and truly want to serve Him then we should identify the corroded chains that are holding us bondage and controlling our lives. Or, we can open our gifts and identify our purpose as a member of the Body of Christ.

Many of us think we have a specific spiritual gift; however, we are not feeling fulfilled and that we are not really making any difference. Could it be that we are not using the right gifts? Could it be that we are not using the gifts that God gave specifically for us to use? Once we identify our true unique gift and purpose; it will not only build us up; but it will build up our church; build up the Body; and more importantly; it will build up our personal relationship with Christ. How wonderful this would be! When we are given this knowledge, we will not only look forward to opening our gifts, but we will be eager to use them to glorify the Father as well.

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