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Now Boarding: Kingdom Airlines

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Reservations can be made today!

During a recent nap, I dreamed that there was an airplane and the passengers were seated in 1 of 3 sections- First Class, 2nd Class, and Coach. The passengers in First Class were enjoying the privileges and rewards of First Class that they “paid extra." An angel escorted a representative passenger from 2nd Class and a passenger from Coach to sit with the passengers in First Class. The First Class passengers were outraged and felt because they “paid more” than the other passengers on the plane and the other passengers were not privileged to “sit” with them.

I prayed to God to explain this dream to me because my first thought was referencing the vineyard parable-in which the workers were paid the same (one denari) even though some worked all day, some half the day, and someone hour. Those working the entire day were expecting more because they worked longer and deserved more than the others. It was easy to see that the parable was referencing the Pharisees who felt all the others did not earn the same “wages” because they were all inferior to the Pharisees who studied the Old Testament their entire life.

I then felt that God was telling me there was so much more to this dream. The passengers in First Class (worked all day) are those that surrendered to Christ and have a personal relationship with Him. They are saints and “little children.”

The passengers in 2nd Class (worked half a day) are those that confessed Jesus is Lord but do not live a God/purpose life.

And, the passengers in coach (worked the final one hour) are the undeserving or unbelievers and those deceived to follow a different faith.

When it comes to the Kingdom; we, like the Pharisees and First Class Passengers, expect more because we “worked longer” than the others. That type of thinking makes salvation based on our works and not by God’s Grace. So I believe God was telling me that the First Class or those with a true relationship, will have solidified their reserved ticket into the Kingdom because they believe despite not seeing. We must accept that not everyone believes without seeing. We must also accept the fact that not everyone has the same hunger and desire to please God as we.

The 2nd Class passengers, those who confess Jesus is Lord but live their life independent of God and have never “known” Christ; might be identified as the “dead in Christ” which will be resurrected during the 1000 years. In the referenced parable, these people would be the workers that worked for half of the of the day. Perhaps it might mean that if they continue to reject Christ-even though now, that they can clearly see Him-disobedience could ultimately lead to the 2nd death in which there is no return.

Finally, the people in Coach would be those that never believed in Christ or followers of other religions in which Satan has deceived and placed “scales” over their eyes and because they cannot see, they do not believe. Perhaps, similar to Saul before becoming Paul when he was blinded.

Christ says that He will remove the “scales” over their eyes and they will see God. So when the books are open, (The Old and The New Testament), each person will have the opportunity to learn about God. And, it is not clear how long these lost souls will have this opportunity to repent; but according to scripture it is most likely going to be the final hour during the 1000 year Kingdom reign and followed by The Great White Throne of Judgement and risk of 2nd death for those not found in the Book of Life.

However, just like the workers that worked the “final hour” or passengers in coach that were invited to “sit” with the First Class passengers; they CAN receive Christ and inherit the Kingdom even if they did not believe on Earth because now they can finally “see.” Perhaps these are the people that Satan will try to deceive when he is lose for a little while.

I fully understand there might be some controversy with my views and I expect it. However, is just my belief and interpretation that I believe the Lord has revealed to me. I am not trying to persuade anyone in any direction. Each person is accountable for their own beliefs. However, if Satan has genuinely deceived the world, then I don’t personally think someone would have eternal hell for what they do or don’t do on this short time on Earth. I believe that like Adam, we are meant to enjoy life and learn (knowledge, experience, observations) until we are all resurrected and fully understand our part -even though insignificant-in God's plan.

I genuinely believe the Bible is about God and the purpose of the cross. Many read the Bible it as if it is about how we can have a relationship and maybe a roadmap to winning souls, but then that makes it about us and not Him. Why do so many churches try to win souls and keep a tally? Jesus told the Apostles to SPREAD the Gospel (Good News) not to hunt for souls like a bloodhound.

Think about it? Every issue we have in the world today is about how everything affects us and not how it Glorifies the Father as it should. We oppose others when they have different opinions. I believe everyone is right and everyone is wrong in all instances because it is not about us- It is about Him-so nothing matters, and despite our concerns, He is always in control. If we read the Bible as God’s plan for us from Genesis to Revelation as Christ purpose and not how we get Heaven, we will find that the problems we experience on Earth are for learning purposes and NOT evaluation or judgment. Test yourself when reading the Bible and after each scripture reread it as if you are not part of it and that it is not about you that it is about Him and what He did. Even the parables are all related to what the Kingdom would be like and not what we do. We really can't do anything except thank God for just one more day on the earth in which we can learn more about Him and share the Good News with everyone!

Just to clarify, I firmly believe in judgment but not until the end of Christ 1000 year reign on Earth when EVERYONE will bow and confess Jesus is Lord.

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