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Bad Times or End Times?

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

I am sure we can all agree the times are rapidly changing and we are experiencing events we never dreamed would happen. There are more violent crimes than ever before. Senseless murder and shooting are an everyday occurrence. People are so depressed and broken that resort to using drugs and viewing pornography to mask the pain. Even our children are not safe and in constant danger, while trying to receive an education. They are incredibly vulnerable while surfing internet unsupervised. They engage in dangerous games (digesting Tide pods and Blue Whale Challenge) to be accepted by their peers; and, sometimes those that refuse to participate are ridiculed or bullied. Some of these victims are in so much pain that they seek the ultimate escape, suicide. But are these the signs of Bad Times or End Times?

I think because we don't directly feel the impact of the prophecy signs; that we don't recognize what is happening in the world. Is the end really near? "Not in our time," we might say. However, go ahead and ask those that have experienced first-hand end time prophecy events such as record-breaking tsunamis and earthquakes that killed thousands of people and left millions homeless and without the basic needs of food and shelter. Go ahead and ask them if they believe we are in the end times? Go ahead and ask the children that are dying of starvation (famine) or deadly diseases like Malaria, Typhoid, and Ebola if they believe we are end times? Go ahead and ask the Persecuted Christians that are captured, tortured, and often beheaded for their beliefs; if they believe we are in the end times? Go ahead and ask those victims experiencing the California wildfires that are currently burning up hundreds of thousands of acres; or ask the victims of Mexico that were involved in world record hurricanes; ask the people of Puerto Rico that had to be relocated from the most deadly storms they ever endured; ask all of them if they believe we are in the end times?

Did we not have the sea poisoned and turn red from the oil spills that killed millions of sea life; witness millions of birds and locusts swarm in various parts of the countries; and did we not see the moon turn both blood red and black as sackcloth. Is it more than a coincidence that an eclipse traveled the entire width of the United States and exactly 7 years later it will travel the entire length of the United States?

It wasn't until 911 that the threat from other counties became very real. We came to realize that we are not as far away from the dangers that we hear about in the middle east as we thought. When the tragedies mentioned above are not happening in our own backyard, we become more of spectators than participants. We know and believe these things are occurring, but we have been conditioned to view these more like stories in a movie instead of the horrific tragedies.

We have become de-synthesized to crime and murder and too complacent with violent protest and city riots. We become tolerant simply because of the claims that people are just showing freedom of expression. We also have diluted our legal system by viewing illegal immigration and using illicit drugs acceptable as long as nobody gets hurt. We as a society appear to oppose everything we do not find in agreement, and we support controversial issues even if the problems are contradictory to the Word. 2 Timothy tells us that in the end times that men will be lovers of themselves. Just look at how self-entitled we have become. We even use self-righteous words today like Facebook, Selfies, Gay Pride and LBGT, #metoo, Black Lives Matter, and hundred of rights issues like abortion and gun rights. These are all man's terms and not of God. Jesus reminds in Matthew 6:24 that we cannot serve two masters; for either we will hate the one, and love the other, or we will be devoted to one and despise the other.

Additionally, people are substituting their Bible written by the hand of God; and they are replacing it with the many available devotionals written by the hand of man. There are many good devotionals, but they should lead you to the Bible not to replace it. You should always make sure if you only have time to read a devotional or study the Bible that you choose the Bible. When you spend the time reading and studying the Bible, you are spending time with God. When you spend time reading devotionals, you are only receiving a source of encouragement that helps you apply inspiration to your life.

Finally, the church has been infected by modern-day Pharisees and Sadducee that are spreading false teaching and misleading others. They intimate others to come to Christ or face eternal punishment. Even if you repent and surrender to Christ, you will still sin. Why? Man is a sinner and will always be a sinner. However, these clergies will have you continuously question your faith which minimizes the works of the cross. They are hypocrites because they preach as if they are sinless yet many live the lives engaging pornography or sexual abuse.

Jesus called these people Hypocrites and Brood of Vipers. There are not many instances in the Bible where Jesus was angry other than addressing these Hypocrites and another time when His Fathers House was made into a Den of Thieves.

Some of these so-called leaders are commercializing the Holy Word. They are turning people away from the Church in record numbers. They take pride in "winning souls" instead of Spreading the Gospel. Most theologians can agree that we are at the end of the church age and the church is currently under judgment. End times? Christ promises that after the church is judged, then the rest of humanity will be resurrected and face judgment. The good news is those that have a relationship with Christ and as individuals, will be able to escape the impending punishment of humanity.

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